Titan Quest Immortal Throne 1.17
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Titan Quest Immortal Throne 1.17

Just like the original Titan Quest, but much better and varied!
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As it happened with many other expansion sets, it did not take much to Titan Quest to have its own. It brings you new enemies, items, and quests to conquer - let's see what is new in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne.

You start in the Rhodes Island, from where you have to find your way to hell, to the realm where no mortal can go and come back - Hades, the kingdom that lies underground. You will see here how ancient Greeks used to describe the land of dead, and challenge the God of Death himself, Hades (the name for the god and the place are the same), and his favorite pet, Cerberus.

There are eight new classes, and among them there is a new mastery Dream. To me, it is the best and the most powerful, giving you the possibility to increase damage greatly, a skill that offers you an increment in damage of more than 100%. There are also skills for faster movement, for better ratings, a skill to put your enemies to sleep, auras, and more, which can be combined with the other masteries to produce a powerful hero.

Many times you will find items that will make you think "I wish I was the other character" - it does not matter how powerful your character is, there are times when an item is almost useless for this character, like a big and heavy sword in a magician's hands. Fortunately, now you have new caravan people who can hold and carry you belongings, to be picked up later by any of your other characters. These caravans are placed in numerous settlements, and if you travel far enough you can find everything you gave to them - they are usually faster than you. There is no fee for small spaces, but if you need a bigger one you have to pay small fees for medium spaces and big fees for large spaces - the fees are paid only once.

In your equipment there is a new slot for powerful artifacts. First, you get the recipe - all of them require three ingredients, among relics, charms, scrolls, and other artifacts. There is another type of NPC, the conjurer, who can get relics and charms from items and can create artifacts for a price. As in Titan Quest, some artifacts require lesser artifacts as ingredients, so do not throw away any of your lesser artifacts, they could come in useful later.

The original Titan Quest got many good reviews from the critics, and in this expansion, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, everything is better, greater, and more varied. When you thought the game was finished, a new and greater quest comes to you - you have to go to a realm from where it is not easy to come back, the Realm of the Dead.

VH Senior editor
Victor Hugo Buezo Nistahuz
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  • Improvements in gameplay
  • New item type and artifacts
  • More relics, charms, magic, legendary, and unique items
  • Eight new classes
  • The new and the most powerful mastery Dream


  • Some flickering animation
  • Not great improvements


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